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Disabled Scooter Carriers

Designed to customer specifications.

* Scooter carriers - all types

Four or more straps required to strap scooter securely to rack. For further instructions please contact us.

Hydraulic platform raised
Hydraulic platform lowered
1. Hydraulic platform raised.
2. Hydraulic platform lowered.
Folded platform
Bolted-on standard platform
3. Folded platform.
4. Bolted on standard platform.
Easy Lifter mobility platform
5. Easy Lifter mobility platform.

PWS is a specialist manufacturer of 4 x 4 vehicle and motorcaravan accessories. Due to the number of variations within each product, we are unable to state all specifications or prices. For more detailed specification and prices, please ring + 44 (0)1202 746851 during working hours.

These products have not been 'airbag' tested. Please consult your local dealer.