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How much can I tow? Diagram.

Q. How much can I tow?

This varies depending on the type of chassis on your vehicle. Under the bonnet of your vehicle is a plate saying 1,2,3,4. No. 1 is the weight allowed on the front wheels. No.2 is the weight allowed on the back wheels. No.3 is the gross weight (1 & 2 added together). No.4 is the gross train weight. The amount you are allowed to tow is No.4 less No.3.

Take the vehicle to a weighbridge loaded as when you travel, including fuel, water, food, clothing accessories etc. Weigh the whole vehicle (this should be the same or less than the weight at No.3 on plate.) E.g. Total weight is 4000kg (no3) plate at No4 says 5000kg you would be able to tow 1000kg.

Manufacturers may limit their tow bar because of the leverage and overhang from end of chassis to towball. We would say approximately between 1000kg & 1500kg.

With alko chassis:

The weight calculation is the same as above. Towing capacity could be more – up to 2000kg. Maximum.

Q. What are rear bars coated in?

They are coated in white, black or grey polyester spray OR white or black polythene dipped coat OR hot-dipped galvanize on special request.

Q. How much does it cost to have a towbar fitted?

2006 vehicles & before: approx.£525.00 inc fitting, single electrics & VAT Post 2007 vehicles: could be more due to specialised electrics being fitted to Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen & Mercedes based vehicles.

Motorcycle Rack & Mobility Scooter Platforms

Q. What types are available?

  1. Rack with ramp needs to be bolted to towbar.
  2. Slide on/off rack & ramp manufactured from aluminium bolt direct to chassis.
  3. Hydraulic lift, to lift off ground bolted to towbar.
  4. Electric lift, to lift off ground bolted to towbar.

All supplied with upright to support vehicle.

Q. How much can they carry?

First weigh back axle of motorhome when loaded for touring (as above) E.g. If vehicle back axle weight is 1600kg and plate No.2 reads 1800kg then the towbar, scooter rack & scooter can weigh no more than 200kg. Tow bar and scooter rack weight can vary (average is 85kg).

Alko chassis vehicles:

These can carry 195kg maximum including towbar, scooter rack & scooter.

N.B. When purchasing a vehicle we suggest that you have the vehicle weighed and confirm from the salesman that a towbar and scooter rack is suitable for this vehicle. Some vehicles with very long overhang are not usually suitable unless fitted with an Alko chassis.

Q. How much for scooter rack?

These start from £350.00 (inc VAT) depending on type.

Q. Can I fit it myself?

Usually yes, but some holes may have to be drilled through chassis extensions.

Q. How long does it take to have fitted?

It usually takes us about 3/4 of a working day to fit.

Q. Where can I stay?

You can park outside overnight, but it is a working industrial estate. Or there are numerous campsites in the area (Poole, Bournemouth, Purbeck, New Forest.)

Any other questions or further information please ring 01202 746851 and ask David.