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Motorcaravan equipment - other items

Clip-on bicycle racks, steps, auto-loading rack for easy access of scooter into motorhome garage.

Bicycle rack
Cab steps for Citroen, Fiat & Peugeot
1. Bicycle rack.
2. Cab steps for Fiat Citroen & Peugeot - made
from aluminium extrusions - easy fitting.
Auto-loading racks for garage
Auto-loading rack for garage
3. Auto loading racks for garage.
4. Auto loading racks for garage.

PWS is a specialist manufacturer of 4 x 4 vehicle and motorcaravan accessories. Due to the number of variations within each product, we are unable to state all specifications or prices. For more detailed specification and prices, please ring + 44 (0)1202 746851 during working hours.

These products have not been 'airbag' tested. Please consult your local dealer.