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PWS is a master distributor for Superwinch in the UK. A wide range of electric and hydraulic winches operating both AC and DC currents available from 1500lbs to 50000lbs line pull. These are available for recovery vehicles, 4x4s, and the leisure industry. Parts available for the repair of winches. Accessory kits also available including straps, shackles and pulley blocks.

Winching is a complicated industry and the right winch for the right job is a necessity. Please contact us for further technical information and advice. For more detailed information on winches visit Superwinch's web site -

N.B. At the end of 2009, the European Community for Standardisation introduced new regulations regarding the European Standard for Cranes,  in particular for Power Driven Winches. Superwinch, as an internationally recognised market leader in the supply and manufacture of Hydraulic and Electric winches, have ensured that their industrial products comply with all European Standards and Directives including but not limited to EN 14492-1, the latest Machinery Safety regulations and all current Health and Safety regulations, including PUWER and LOLER.

Please see the specification sheets for Superwinch's new PRO range of winches conforming to EN14492-1



20,000 lb (9072kg)

Superwinch winches with a capacity of 20,000 lb (9072kg)
Superwinch H20P, with air clutch
Superwinch H25P, with air clutch
H20P, with air clutch
H25P, with air clutch



PWS is a specialist manufacturer of 4 x 4 vehicle and motorcaravan accessories. Due to the number of variations within each product, we are unable to state all specifications or prices. For more detailed specification and prices, please ring + 44 (0)1202 746851 during working hours.

These products have not been 'airbag' tested. Please consult your local dealer.